The grace international school provides top quality education in international settings. It is an English medium institution where students are empowered in their learning and encouraged to respond to new situations in a creative and flexible manner.

Grace International School enables every student to grow in to an integrated personality having traits of character, leadership and citizenship.

The school is committed to the goal of promoting internationalism and celebrating diversity through curricular and co-curricular means by expanding its network with school and other institutions within the country for mutual exchange of ideas among students and teachers.

All the relationship in the school are characterized by love, justice, truth, partnership and mutual respect. The integrated development of any student is the concern of all.


Vatanappally Orphanage Committee (VOC)

The History of Vatanappally Orphanage begins with the establishment of a primary Madrasa, established in 1977, Vatanappally Orphanage and Islamiya College for Orphans is a mission with a vision. It is a movement in itself offering emotional and intellectual nourishment to its inmates. It is our firm resolves to light up the lives of the Orphans under our care and cover.

Our curriculum is a fine blend of secular and Islamic disciplines. The institution lays greater stress on inculcating fundamental Islamic values and character in every student. Understanding the true potential of the youth to change the world in to a better place to live in, we groom them in to socially responsible individuals.

We take care to maintain an environment of kindness and concern so that the wounds of orphans hood are healed and forgotten and in the security and serenity of a new abode they learn to interact positively with cheerful frame of mind. Inmates are encouraged to actively participate in various creative platforms offered by the institution like debating club, Group discussion Q&A session etc. A literary forum is also functioning with the active association and involvement of the students. Printed and manuscript magazines in Arabic, English and Malayalam are also brought out on a quarterly basis, just to name a few.

Thus we create a conducive ambience for the all round development of orphaned children otherwise vulnerable in their deprivation.

Co curricular activities have due importance in our scheme. Not to mention the medals, awards and accolades that comes in our way. We have a district presence in almost all cultural events and competitions being held in co academic fields. Our inmates excelled and continue to scale new height in academic pursuits grabbing the mantle of ranks, success and stardom.

The Staff

The school employs qualified and experienced teaching staff in order to impart the best possible education to the pupils. Programs to enhance teachers' competence are organized on a regular basis.