How to apply:

If parents wish to enroll their child in the school, they should apply to the principal in specified form. Duly filled forms will submit to the office. Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Age of Children Admitted

Age of Children who are admitted to the School at the beginning of the academic year, 1st June is as follows:

Class 1
Other Classes

: 4 years plus
: 5 years plus
: 6 years plus
: Commensurate with the class/level.

Before admission to class other than LKG, every child will be required to attend an entrance test and interview. Admission procedure should be completed on the day of the test/interview.

The followings are some criteria that are considered while admitting a child:

1. Age commensurate with the class to which admission is sought. Over-age students will not be considered.

2. Pass in the interview and entrance test.

3. General conduct and behavior/discipline.

4. Preference for brother/sister of a student already in the school.

5. Production of valid documents.

The documents to be submitted at the time of admission are:

1. Original birth certificate (For new admission)

2. Three passport size photographs


1. Pay full fees at the time of enrolment.
2. Pay by three installments:

  • 1st installment due on 1st June.
  • 2nd installment due on 1st September.
  • 3rd installment due on 1st December.
  • 4th installment due on 1st March.

Admission will not be confirmed until the method of payment is agreed with the school and the parent/ guardian of the child signs the appropriate forms.

Educational Assistance

The Trust provides free education to orphans and financial assistance to the socially and financially disadvantaged.

Complaints / Suggestions

If you have any concerns about your child’s education and welfare at the school, please do not hesitate to contact the principal. A Suggestion/ complaint book/box is available at the reception. Parent’s comments and suggestions are always welcome as it gives us an overall perspective o ensure future improvements and success.