We offer the following facilities:

Montessori Laboratory

Well-equipped labs with all play items and Computer provides the necessary experience in learning process.


The school maintains a well-stocked library. The books are classified and catalogued. The library subscribes to periodicals and multiple copies of newspapers. A library and reading room is maintained systematically.


The school store supplies all textbooks and notebooks, uniform materials, and other stationery.


The school runs a fleet of buses in routes decided by the school to pick up and drop students at designated locations.


Training on Islamic rites and rituals are given in the campus Masjid. Salaah is an integral part of the school day for Muslim pupils, and prayers falling within the school day are said in Jamaat (congregation). Eminent scholars give moral classes after the congregational prayers.


Spacious playgrounds provide students the opportunity for engaging in games and sports.

Open House

An open day is held after each CCE term/examination. It gives parents the opportunity to see the progress report of their wards and to discuss the academic performance of their wards with the concerned teachers.

Guidance and counseling

The school arranges regular counseling and guidance sessions for students. The school also hires the service of expert student counselors.

School Trips

It is the belief of the School that education does not just take place in the classroom. Educational visits and outings have a valuable role to play in helping children to relate what they have learnt in the classroom to the world outside. Such visits and excursions are arranged throughout the year.

Quran Learning

Qualified students with the aptitude to memories Quran will be tutored by experts during extra hours. These students are provided Scholarship on the basis of their performance/ attainments.

Qualified and experienced teachers

Well-qualified and experienced teachers provide mental and moral supports for the all round development of our wards.