Grace international school offers a broad balanced and relevant curriculum while maintaining strong ethos that integrates value education. Fundamental to our educational philosophy is inculcating moral values and principles into the day to day life of a child as to enable him to distinguish between good and evil, and form the habit of choosing the best always.


Grace International School is all set to be a promising place for the gene- next. The school seeks to provide a loving, supportive and conducive environment for children to grow out of their text books and discover themselves exploring new avenues of knowledge and wisdom .The school is committed to doing whatever it takes to help our children; and push the limit of their potential to achieve success and gain positive – self- image.

Our mission includes,

  • Internationally renewed best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Boost self-esteem by giving pupils the courage to face the realities of life.
  • Blend culture and spirituality with education.
  • Mould and sharpen the future generation of our country.
  • Provide moral &religious studies.
  • Develop the all round performance of the child through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


Education means the all round development of a person, physical mental emotional and spiritual. It is the manifestation of divine perfection. It is the sorting out of the best. We offer value-based education for a better future.